247®Studio is an interdisciplinary design studio established by two friends who are passionate about high-quality design - Oskar Podolski and Karol Imiałkowski.

Two individualities, two worlds, two approaches toward design, one studio. 247®Studio. We were brought together by passion and friendship. Together, we do things, we truly believe in: whether it’s a campaign for a global corporation, branding for a local company or a charity event.

Together we execute branding projects for both local and international companies.

We are mostly focused on integrated creation and development of brands: starting from conceptual works, all the way through visual identity design, web-design, photo/ video production, up to nonstandard promotional events like publishing a book, or creating a mural.

We have a vast experience in working for various different industries. We do not limit ourselves to one, because challenges keep us going. We believe that good branding starts with getting to know the product or the service well and understanding client’s needs. We use the newest tools, but we also appreciate traditional design and manual work. We mix up styles and esthetics, but we are committed to one rule that less is more.

In business we nourish partnership and honesty. We openly say „no”, because we care about the authenticity of communication. We learn from our clients, and they learn from us. We care about being recognizable and we support each other in the success we accomplish. We use freedom of doing things in a creative manner. We create tailor-made, unique projects designed specially for Your brand.

We cover branding in a complex way:
– we create visual identity of a brand, we do webdesign,
we design packagings or printed materials.

You give the image of your brand into our hands and we design a strategy of actions and execute it. We write the history of Your brand anew. We build new brands and develop the already existing ones. We look at every project in the context of a bigger whole that is being defined by the product or the service that you offer. We believe that a brand communicates on many different layers and our task is to make this communication coherent and effective.

We design solutions that are both esthetic and functional. We treasure minimalism and simplicity although they are the hardest to achieve. We are ahead of the mainstream trends by making designs that are setting the new means of design. We don’t like the roads already taken - we prefer challenges. We have open minds and fresh ideas. Yes, we are gifted, but we add to this hard work, years of experience with many different clients and motivation to constantly grow.

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Oskar Podolski Art Director / Co - Owner

It seemed to him that he should become an architect, but after three years on the drawing board, He wants to hold the pencil in his hand for a completely different reason. He finally finished education In the Academy of Fine Arts in Lódz. Multidisciplinary designer. In 247®Studio responsible for visual identification and brand image.

Karol Imiałkowski Art Director / Co - Owner

Graphic designer and project manager. He feels comfortable in each of these functions and each of them defines him in a way. In 247®Studio he executes projects that focus on visual communication, branding and web-design.

Bartłomiej Konopka Web Developer

Initially he was dealing with webdesign, currently he mainly focuses on web and application developing. A graduate of the Technical University of Łódź, specializing in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. For the past 7 years, he has worked with more than a dozen companies as a subcontractor for more than 200 projects. In 247®Studio responsible for implementation of website designs.

Maciej Wajde Project Manager

He comes from Greater Poland, however, the fate brought him to the Tri-City. Passionate about organizing reality, cooperation with people and management. He is a fan of ordering disorder and planning. He can not imagine life without a calendar, notebook and Excel. Most friends and his associates consider him an incorrect optimist, an oasis of peace and MacGyver of the younger generation. In his dictionary there is no word "impossible". What's more, he likes to face the challenges that seem to be such.

Rafał Stempczyński Graphic Designer

A graduate of the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts specializing in typography and editorial graphics. He also studied photography and Design Management at the Warsaw School of Economics and at the Institute of Industrial Design. The combination of work experience in design and marketing teams of several large companies allows him to create holistic and balanced projects that combine high aesthetic values and business context.

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